I am, of course, no expert on the word diet but I have been on one many times. I do try to weigh myself once a week, usually on Wednesdays as that’s when my Healthy Eating Class meets.  We try to weigh ourselves in before going to class. We even got a new scale as the old one wasn’t showing anyone losing any weight. I guess it has helped. I am told that as a group we have lost nearly 80 pounds.

                Through this eating class, I have learned the value of calories and exercising, not only about empty calories but also calories that count. We even learned about portion control. A demonstration was done on how much cereal seemed to be the right amount to eat. The guy poured out about three cups of cereal while the calorie content of the cereal only suggested one cup.  He had to times it by three and includes the milk that goes with it.

Another demonstration done was those theater box size candy bars for sale for usually a dollar or so. That was three servings per box as opposed to just eating the whole thing down in one sitting.

                I will just exercise that Big Mac off.  But more demonstration was done on how many calories were burned exercising and it wasn’t that much. I figure I burn about 400 calories an hour riding my bike.  That’s aerobic activity designed to burn off fat as opposed to just lifting weights. I am a much slower walker than I am a bike rider although sometimes I can still burn up a sweat if I am on the right program for walking. I can’t quite run yet, but I am going to have to build myself into it.

                One class emphasized healthy alternatives.  The class taught us how to think, “well, I can’t have a candy bar what could I have?”  Maybe a healthy alternative would be a watermelon or a red delicious apple. The class taught us how to think, “I know I am going to want a snack, what healthy alternative snack could I have?”  That would be a cue to make some snacks ahead of time so they are convenient to have.  Of course, the class wants us to think about the healthy choices we learned about in class and to watch our sugar and sodium intake.

                The big emphasis on the class, baby steps, continues throughout the class. To use baby step changes in diet, exercise and habits. Better to do a little bit than get so overwhelmed and do nothing at all. Rome wasn’t built in a day and no one gets fat overnight. Something will work. I just need to find it.









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