A Valentine to Elvis Presley

Mom had a friend who was a really big Elvis Presley fan. She put a big picture of Elvis on the ceiling above her bed. I guess her husband didn’t mind. I wonder what they compromised with if they compromised at all. Anyway, Mom and her friends were going to go to the Elvis concert but he died in 1977. So, that was the end of that.

We did see an Elvis impersonator when I was a junior in high school in Decature Michigan. He sang all the hits and gave out scarves to the people who seem like they would appreciate one, mostly women. There was another Elvis impersonator at the Hartford fair again in Michigan. That was a bigger and more exciting one in a tent.

My final and last siting of an Elvis impersonator was when I was in college at Western Michigan University while we were having dinner in the cafeteria. He kept wondering why I was screaming Elvis! I was just getting into the mood and he wouldn’t give me a scarf but all the other pretty college girls who didn’t even try. I had a good time anyway.

Of course, there is always the thought of seeing Elvis in Kalamazoo.  Some people claim they have. We have an Elvis in Paw Paw. I like to drive by on a Sunday and see him and his wife out there. He has a guitar but I have never heard him play. He is quite a glamorous Elvis. He did move to Lawton for a while but he is back in Paw Paw. I did miss him for a little bit, you know the Paw Paw Elvis.

                I never thought about giving a valentine card to a celebrity. I guess they would deserve one for all the work they do being glamorous and all.  I like Elvis Presley. He is right up there with the Beatles, Rolling Stones and other classics. He is the King of Rock and Roll. Maybe the lady with the Elvis poster in her bedroom gave many valentine cards to Elvis while he was alive.  Maybe some people still give valentine cards even though he has passed to a better place. 

When I was in high school I was listening to 80’s rock. I also liked punk and new wave.  The stuff with the poetry and neat keyboard sounds. My favorite group then was Duran Duran. A friend and I used to talk about them all the time, practically harass them behind their backs. We even liked the same lead singer, Simon LeBon. If I did give a celebrity a valentine card it probably would have been Simon LeBon.

My parents had me like 50’s music and even 60’s music and some country and western but I began to like 80’s music and 70’s music on my own. Once in a while Mom would like a glamorous lead singer like Rod Stewart or even David Lee Roth. She really liked the songs, “Do ya think I’m sexy” and the Van Halen song, “Jump!” She would go around singing those songs. Not very well but we all liked Mom’s singing. So, if you have a celebrity you really like send them a valentine card and tell them how much you like them or are in love with them. Nothing too dangerous of course!


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