Halloween, the favorite kid’s holiday and don’t forget grownups too. I was always trying to think of something to be for Halloween such as a Ghost or a Witch. Some people want to be a pirate as that is glamorous until they hear what they were really like. Just basically Robin Hoods stealing from the rich to give to the poor all the while makes a little money for them. They were murderers and thieves. All on the dark side like Death himself.

                One time while taking us trick or treating, Mom recalled, there was a couple who did not want to give candy out for Halloween. Well, my sister would have none of that. She wanted CANDY! But the couple kept putting nickels in her bag wondering why she kept crying. She didn’t want money, which she could have bought candy with, but she wanted the instant gratification of having a good piece of candy in her sack. Finally, Mom had to take her gently away, all the while crying she wanted candy, to just stop the couple from keep putting nickels in her sack.

                Another time, my poor sister had a hole in her candy bag and all this candy trailed out. Mom never heard the last of that one. It couldn’t have happened to my other sister who didn’t care so much about candy but the one who cared about candy the most. Finally, we all had to share our candy with the sister who lost all her candy.  She was almost satisfied but she could have had more if she hadn’t had a hole in her sack.

                My Dad would have fun during Halloween too. He liked to scare the trick or treaters with a leaf man, he would make the night before, he made out of the many leaves that fell on the ground from our great big trees we had in our yard. He would have a pumpkin on top of the leaf man for the head. He would levy up the leaf man with a rope and pull it when the trick or treaters came by. It was night with a little bit of light from the porch. He really scared this one kid. Everyone thought he was going to have a heart attack. After that scare, Dad had to quit his fun of scaring the trick or treaters.

                Another Halloween, Dad went to the neighbor’s house in the Ta Ta neighborhood where everyone supposedly had manners. He dressed up a little bit and rang the doorbell. The neighbor offered him a piece of candy. Instead of just picking one he took the whole bowl and ran. She was chasing after him trying to get her candy back. Finally, he just let her have her whole bowl back after a few yards or so of running. He had a good laugh at that.

                One last memory of Dad and Halloween, he belonged to the Elks and they were having a contest.  This was his favorite costume, dressing up as a high class black man in a fancy hat and a suite. He goes to the Elks to enter the contest and he got black balled. He didn’t win the contest.

                Halloween had a lot of fun times and I am sure will have many more……………


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