Story set to the 1980s

I was in my room, wearing out my Duran Duran’s Rio tape, my hair was wet from just taking a shower. I put in mouse and gel all over my hair. I put my curling iron on to heat it up while blow drying my hair.

                “Her name is Rio and she dances across the land and I might find her if I am looking like I can!” the stereo blares out over the blow dryer.

                My hair is dry and ready to be curled. I have an hour before we are supposed to be ready to go out and cruise Westnedge. I am already dressed in my favorite beige pants that turn red when you fold them up at the legs from being an inch or two too long. I have a Navy yellow collared shirt with a blue anchor on the side with my favorite European red shirt that says something French.  All of these I got at the CrossRoads Mall on Westnedge.  Including perfume I got specifically at Hudson’s as that’s the only thing I could afford there.

                I curl my bangs first. I put hairspray on the curl while the iron is hot to make my curl stay better. I learned that from my cousin who more into those things than I was was. She is from Pittsburgh while all I had was Kalamazoo.  I curl my whole head so everything feathers back. Then I just spray my whole head to make sure everything stays.  I even bend over and spray the nape of my neck to add more volume. I learned this also from my cousin.

                I try not to take too long putting on makeup. I have read I shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to put on makeup.  I have gotten most of my makeup from CVS drugstore. My sister said it is cheaper than and just as good as the other stuff. She should know. I finish my makeup and go to my sister’s room.

                “Ya ready?” I asked my sister.

                “Almost,” she says fumbling around with her leg warmers and ready to put her head band on. She is dressed a little more feminine than I am but just as glamorous. She has long, blonde hair feathered back. Her perm makes her hair a little fuzzy but not too much. Just a little around the shoulders.

                “Shake it up. It’s like bad medicine. Bad medicine is what I need!” her stereo blares. She loves Bon Jovi, Poison, Kid Rock and other glam rock bands. I was more into Punk and New Wave such as The Cure, The Smiths, Psych Furs, New Order, New English and those type of bands.  Although I played guitar, my sister seemed to prefer more guitar bands than the keyboard bands. I dabbled into keyboard along with guitar but never in a band.

                It was fall and Westnedge was the only place to go. Summer would come and we would be heading to South Haven and the cooler side of the beach.  Looking for parties and places to be where it’s at.  Where the boys are.


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