Argument in bed

It was during Mom’s last dying days before calling 911. We were all in bed except Dad. He went into Mom’s room.  They seemed to sleep in different rooms since I went away to college in 1990 maybe even earlier when my sister moved out in 1985. Dad had the master bedroom with the queen size bed. Dad wanted mom up for whatever reason he had. Probably just to have someone watch tv with him.  I kept hearing Dad’s voice going on and on about her to just get up out of bed. She seemed to ignore him as I don’t remember her saying anything back. She probably just rolled over and kept her eyes closed.  After about 15 to 20 minutes of trying to get his wife to get up out of bed he just kept yelling over and over again, “Why don’t you just die?” After he said that three times he left the room.

                 After about an hour or so, I decided to get up and watch some television with Dad. No one kept track of dinner anymore since Mom became sick. We pretty much had to fend for ourselves when Dad was gone working but now that Mom was sick we had to fend for ourselves even when Dad was home. It was just Mom, Dad and I home now. My sister was in Portage, MI and my other sister was in North Carolina in the town Raleigh. Home cooked meals were few and far between. Dad and I ate out a lot. There suddenly was a rumble from Mom’s room. A groan then a cry.  Mom couldn’t get up in time to go to the bathroom. She was just too weak to be able to make it. She finally got up off the floor and went to the bathroom.  I cleaned up the mess. She fell again while in the bathroom. She wanted me to pick her up like I had before.  I couldn’t do it as hard as I tried. It was just too much dead weight to pull up and over.  I had to just leave her there.

                After a while, the phone rang. It was my sister from North Carolina. I was telling her how Mom was just in the bathroom and she couldn’t get up. My sister said she was going to call 911. I said ok as I didn’t know what else to do. The ambulance came. They had a hard time getting her up too. Finally they got a sheet and pulled her up. She was really crying and yelling in pain. They finally pulled her up and took her away to the ambulance. They put her into the emergency room and then intensive care.

                They kept trying to figure out what was wrong with her. They did cultures and found it to be ecoli. They did a few operations on her trying to stop the spread of ecoli. It was too late. It just spread and shut down her whole body. She kept breathing hard like a fish out of water.

                “Do you hear her breathing?” asked the nurse. “Yes,” I said.

                I felt bad. We went to Happy’s Pizza in downtown Kalamazoo. When we came back the nurse broke the news.

                “I am so sorry,” she said.  “But while you were away she just passed!”

                We all felt really bad. Dad still couldn’t believe Mom died even up to his death in 2013. Mom died in 2011.


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