To be someone else

I guess this assignment is like Freaky Friday where the child and parent get to change places and they find that they had it good all along. Many different variations since then with the different movies out. Now the assignment doesn’t say what century or if the person is alive or dead just to pick a person to switch with. I could just pick anyone. So, here it goes.

                I would want a creative person that doesn’t stress himself out too much doing the work. I would want someone fun and entertaining. I guess the person wouldn’t have to have a lot of friends or know a lot of interesting people just be interesting. The person wouldn’t have to be terribly good looking but I guess the person would be in a place to make a big difference in the world. Maybe I would be a cave man looking at the dawn of time drawing his hunting experience on the wall while waiting for his mate to cook him dinner.  I wouldn’t know how to change the world in any of the subjects taught in school. Maybe go inside someone who has changed the world to see how that was done.

                I don’t think I would do anything differently than what I am doing now. Just wait and see how the world changed.


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