Longest time without sleeping

There were a couple of times I went without sleeping. No I take that back. Living with my Dad he would never let me sleep either.

                “I am hungry,” he would say. “Make me something to eat.”

                “Watch TV with me,” he nagged. “I am lonely.”

                “Get up, get up, get up,” he yelled. “You are going to get your night and day mixed up.”               

                I had nothing to stay awake for. I love sleep. It’s vacation away from my problems. It is just so peaceful just to lie down, shut your eyes and then just go to sleep…………………… But there are things to do and places to go.

                “Sleep when you are dead,” as my Grandfather would say.

                I guess he had a problem with his sons and daughters sleeping too much.

                “I must make it too good for you here,” my Grandfather would say. “Nobody wants to leave the house!”

                “Wake up you lazy bum,” my Grandmother would tell my Uncle. “Go out and get a job!”

                I guess he wasn’t allowed to sleep his life away either. During my Mother’s last dying days she slept a lot. Dad didn’t bother me then. I guess he could only nag one person at a time.

                “Why don’t you just die!” my Father told my Mother. She would just roll over and ignore him, never bothering to her wifely and motherly duties. She would even make me take him out to dinner so she wouldn’t have to cook. We went out to dinner a lot. I really didn’t mind that really.

                Sleeping does take a lot of time. Time I could be doing something else. Nothing really excites me enough to stay awake in the wee hours of the morning. Not that there is anyone stopping me now. Mom would be concerned that I stayed awake and studying too much. But I don’t have to worry about that anymore as she is passed on and I am on my own. My Dad also had a problem with me not spending enough time with him. But that problem is solved too as he is passed on to a better place with my Mom and again I am on my own.  I can do whatever I want without someone nagging at me. That is a little dangerous and that means I can also not do anything at all. I must do something, anything and everything. I must budget my time and money now more than ever. I have to get organized and know what I have and don’t have. I must feed myself but I can’t just fill up my credit cards with restaurant bills.

                I read somewhere that some Harvard students get by on only 20 minutes of sleep. I used to be able to get by on only four hours of sleep. Don’t know what happened to that. Sometimes I used to study in my sleep so my parents wouldn’t know I was studying all the time. But back then I think I was just memorizing and not actually learning. When I went off to college living in the dorms I could work, sleep, study and go to class whenever I wanted to. I don’t think my parents realized how much work I put into going to Western Michigan University. Maybe I could try just 30 minutes a day sleeping or maybe I will just sleep whenever I want to.


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