Making time to do things

“So much to do,” my Dad would say. “And so little time!”

                When getting into the corporate world the first thing they want you to do is time management. They want you to get the most amounts of things done in as little time as possible. Of course, they want you to get the most important things done first and anything else would be icing on the cake. After all, time is money. How do they do this? First is to plan, set goals, prioritize, organize and knowing when to say no and of course knowing when to say yes. Second know that if you finish all your work you might die as Dad would say. He would know he kept his job until he was 52 and that’s when he retired.

  1. Plan – The first step of a thousand foot journey is to take the first step. Fail to plan, plan to fail as they say. How are you going to reach those goals without a plan? And don’t just plan once but keep planning. Keep thinking about how you are going to reach those goals. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Break down your goals by planning one bite at a time how you are going to reach those goals.
  2. Set a goal – Goals are there so you keep improving yourself. They make you keep moving forward. If you don’t go forward, if you just stand still then you are going backwards. Nobody pays for yesterday’s news. The company wants to keep making money. Find a way for them to reach their goal by making it your goal to keep making money and moving forward.
  3. Prioritize – Rome wasn’t built in a day and likewise you can’t get everything done in a day either. Think what is the most important thing I can do today that I will feel accomplished? After that is finished think what is the next most important thing I can do to feel accomplished? So on and so forth.  Take big chunks out of your goals for the day one bite at a time.
  4. Organize – Knowing where everything is at saves time. Organizing to do lists saves time also. Being organized not only saves time but it also saves money. Organize everything so they are the least amount of work possible.
  5. Know when to say No – Things creep up. Other people’s priorities come in unexpectedly. Know when things are a waste of time and when they are not. If they are a waste of time then learn to say no. If it doesn’t make money, pull you ahead of your goals or doesn’t benefit you in anyway then say no. If someone wants to chit chat by the water cooler politely say you have to get back to work. Say no.
  6. Know when to say yes – sometimes someone’s idea is so brilliant it benefits you in every way. Maybe that’s when you incorporate that idea into a goal, priority and plan for it. Maybe that’s when you should say yes.

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