They love their coffee

“Love my coffee,” she would say. “Coffee, coffee, coffee.”

                Drinking coffee seems to be a way of life. It says something about the person and their outlook on life. Just like someone who drinks Diet Pepsi, Diet Coke, Mountain Dew or even Diet Mountain Dew. Then there are those of us who go down to the bottom and drink the cheapy pop that have different brand names like mountain explosion, Dr. Thunder and the like. But coffee is coffee and as far as I know nobody really goes into brand names for coffee. At least I am not in the loop so I can’t really talk about that. There’s cappuccino and different Star Buck’s coffee but to the average coffee drinker or the “real” coffee drinker that is not really coffee. Mom said she started drinking coffee to stunt her growth and I imagine fitting in where she worked. She started smoking too so she could take smoke breaks instead of doing busy work like sweeping up the break room.

                Drinking coffee is a slow and killing process that takes you back when the time has gone by, before those kids with the machines took over making everything quicker and meaner. A coffee drinker just sits there and well, drinks coffee. There is no place to go, nothing to do but to just sit there and enjoy the company of other coffee drinkers. They chit chat if you will between sips of coffee waiting for the coffee to be cool enough to drink. Then there is the last sip of coffee where all the excess sugar and cream go before pouring a second or even a third cup. It’s a process of getting to know a person and how their day went. The latest gossip told between sips of coffee.

                One time my Mom visited my college and heard a professor talk. The professor talked and talked and talked to the point where she felt she was doing all the work. There was no work from this group of people or anything getting accomplished. Between sips of her water the professor later realized the parents were not like their children going to college.

                “This is the coffee and cigarette crowd!” she finally figured out and exclaimed.

                Mom just smiled and raised her coffee to the professor. If we could have smoked in the classroom I am sure Mom would have been doing that too. So, the coffee crowd just stuck together and stayed in their time. Never moving forward and never moving backward just staying there sipping their coffee away. Never could compete with Mom and of course I never lived her life either. She was just a child, grew to be a teenager, dated, got married and had kids. Somehow she even got grandkids. Then she just died. I guess she got tired of taking care of us and drinking her coffee away. She could have done anything but that would be too much work. It just wasn’t her style. Might as well just have a cup of coffee and not worry about it.


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