Save Money – 32 overall tips

1.  buy used when can

2. Clean and organize

3. Keep track of what spend

4. Have budget

5. Keep track of what have

6. Don’t eat out

7. Use Library

8. Make money instead of spending money

9. Drink water

10. Brown bag lunch

11. Exercise at home instead of gym

12. Find free or cheap ways of doing things

13. Keep a money journal

14. Make to do list – plan out day

15. Have a morning routine – hour of power

16. Have something to work for – a goal or goals

17. Find cheap hobbies such as reading, writing, drawing

18. Gather up change and put in a savings jar

19. Play games with savings

20. Know your triggers

21. Talk about money especially before going out

22. Remember 24 hour rule – No impulse buying

23. Pay all bills on payday when can

24. Look at receipts –  expenses

25. Take advantage of specials esp. at restaurants

26. Learn to wait for things

27. Buy in season for produce out of season pretty much everything else

28. Take care of things the first time

29. Reuse, recycle

30. Plan out menu

31. Save on utilities

32. Save on gas


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