Buy Used When you can

Know the value of what you are going to:

1. Church Rummage Sale – Buy a bag for a buck – watch for specials – Ask!

2. Estate Sales – They want to clean house so can sell it

3. Moving sales – They don’t want to move with the stuff they don’t want

4. Garage sales – mornings are best

5. Yard sales – can be as good as the rest

6. Flea Markets

Check your local flashes for these events.  There are even some places you can go to get clothes for free.  You just have to keep your eye out. Google search engine and even check craig’s list.  Ebay has lots of good, used stuff if you don’t mind buying on the internet.

These events are in season such as summer when school’s out and holidays such as Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day.

Other places for good, used stuff include –

1. Community Thrift Stores

2. Good Will

3. Other used clothing stores

The Community Thrift Store in Paw Paw, MI USA has a blog that tells you when all of their sales are.  They have their sales in the Paw Paw Flashes also.  I just found out that every Wednesday they have a buy a book get one free.  I got two grocery bags of free stuff because they had a green tag special.  Everything was free as long as it had a green tag on it.  I had to go on either Wednesday or Thursday.  After that it will be a new sale.

Good will has a 50% off last Saturday of the month special.   Ask your store what specials they have they could be a good deal for you. Goodwill had a Christmas in July 50% off special on all Christmas stuff. I got my friend a coffee pot for 99 cents that stores her coffee and keeps it fresh like a thermos. She said it was a really good one. It started at $3.99, dropped to $1.99 then 50% off to 99 cents. It has a picture of a big Christmas tree with a Santa on top for decorations. Always ask for specials.  It can’t hurt.


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