Clean and Organize to Save Money

  1. Know where everything is at when everything is cleaned and organized so won’t have to buy double or even triple of everything.
  2. When cleaning and organizing money happens to be found along the way.  Things of value that never knew had could also be found. Hidden treasures and money forgotten about could also be found.
  3. Mom and Dad and other supplies of money won’t be afraid to visit you.
  4. Cleaning and organizing not only could bring lost money but also good luck.
  5. You’ll not only feel richer but also better about yourself.
  6. I usually clean when I can’t find something like my car keys, glasses or credit card. I usually keep them in one spot but sometimes they do get away and are at some place I would have never thought to look. Usually in a place so I wouldn’t lose them. More things you won’t have to replace and less money you will have to spend if you don’t keep losing things. Saves time too.
  7. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to see the floor.
  8. After cleaning and organizing will have more time to make money.
  9. Marie Kondo of the Kon Marie method has an excellent way of folding that saves time, space and money by taking care of clothes and putting them in a tidy, little spot. Look her up on and/or read her book The Magic of Tidying up. She has a great way of getting rid of stuff.  If it brings joy keep it. If it doesn’t bring joy get rid of it, donate it or give it away to a good home..

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