Keep track of what you spend to save money

  1. This would include budget, money diary, and menu planning.  It could even include a food diary to keep track of what worked, what didn’t work and even what was on sale.  This could even help to not eat so much.  As you look at your tracker and wonder where did all the money go? You will know as it will be all written down.
  2. Keeping track of where your money goes makes a budget more realistic.  You are not just pulling numbers out of thin air to make a budget work but you are realistically know how much to put into each category.   This helps with needing to know what to cut back on and what might need more money.
  3. Knowing that you might run out of money until next payday, budget to spread out the money to know what to spend on, and what not to spend.  If writing down a plan of what will spend money on be prepared for triggers of mindless spending habits that throw money away right before your eyes.  Thinking about spending ahead of time helps in preparation not to spend unconsciously but consciously.  Money goes quick when not thinking about where the money is going or at least not allocating where your money goes.

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