Keep track of what you have to save money

  1. Clean, organize to stay home and not spend money. Will also know what you have so will not have to buy double or triple of everything.  Lets you plan ahead so can get the item on sale or even at a garage sale or goodwill.  My mom had at least 5 of everything when she left us with her estate.  She did not keep track of what she had.  She just went out and bought whatever it is that she could not find at the time.
  2. Not knowing what you have is worse than collecting things.  It’s as if you collect what it is that you don’t know what you had. My mom had a big collection of at least 20 toe nail clippers when we cleaned out her drawer in her bathroom.  If she had her bathroom drawer cleaned and organized she could have saved money by not having to buy all those toe nail clippers.
  3. Knowing what you have lets you use the item to its full potential.  It will not be sitting around collecting dust.  The cost life of what you have will not be so expensive.  You will get the most bang for its buck when you know you actually have the item. If you decide not to keep the item you can sell it, donate it for tax deductions or give it away to a good home for someone else to use. It could even be someone’s Christmas or Birthday gift.  That would be less money you would have to pay for presents.

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