How to avoid eating out to save money

  1. Menu plan breakfast, lunch and dinner for at least a week if not a month. Find ways to make $1 to $2 meals.  Youtube has lots of good ways to make inexpensive meals. Plan around what’s on sale and what is in season. Fast if you need to and/or have some meatless days such as Friday, Wednesday and even Monday. Have fun making vegetarian meals and know that meat costs more than beans, plants and other vegetarian ingredients. Along with growing a garden, fishing and hunting can lower the costs of your food intake. Tap water can be cheaper than milk and used as a substitute such as milk in cereal, eggs and French toasts.
  2. Know your triggers. Try to avoid triggers. Recognize triggers when you see them.  Ask yourself, “What makes you eat out?” Day off?  Don’t feel like cooking? Special places and circumstances? Plan ahead and find ways to outsmart those triggers.  Don’t feel peer pressured into eating out. Not everyone eats out.  Sometimes and with a little practice cooking at home, a meal could tastes better than eating out.  You even might get a better bang for your buck. Drinking and smoking are definitely money wasters and don’t add any nutritional value.  Neither do drugs.  Find better ways to go out that could be just as satisfying as a meal out such as hiking, the library or even free community events.

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