How my library and yours could save a lot of money if you would just use them

  1. There are all kinds of libraries out there such as university libraries, science libraries and genealogy libraries, find them and use them. Of course, don’t overlook your local library. At our local library we have a 2 hour computer limit to access the internet. This eliminates the need for a computer and subscription to the internet which saves a good thousand dollars or so. It really adds up. For 20 cents a copy I can even print stuff out eliminating the need for a printer and buying ink cartridges. Photocopying and Faxing can be done at my local library also. Maybe yours does to? Check it out. The local library I am at will even sell earphones to be able to watch youtube videos in peace. Even the services they have there are cheaper than having to own all that equipment.
  2. How can I forget all the books available to explore and read? They have skills you can learn such as Math, Science and even a foreign language.   Some libraries teach computer skills, money management and even how to invest. Right now at the Paw Paw District Library they are having a seminar called Tech Talk on August 23rd   2017 at 5:30 pm.   They will talk about email, security and passwords.
  3. At our library they even have cheap bus trips. You can go to a Tigers game or even to a shopping trip in Chicago, IL.  The bigger town or city the library is in the more they have to offer.  See what yours have to offer today!

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