Make Money instead of spending Money

  1. Put those talents, skills and hobbies to good use. Make them pay for themselves! Go on or even to find people looking for your skills. Everybody wants to learn something on If you are just sitting on your duff, not making money, watching tv, reading trashy novels or even just sitting bored at a friend’s house. Find a way to substitute that to making money. Ask yourself, “What can I do right now, instead of watching tv or stuffing my face, that would make money?” It’s better to do things for free than to go out and spend money unless, of course, it is an investment that is going to a money making cause.
  2. Keep dreaming and setting goals. Keep working on dreams and goals every day. Make time for them like you would your to do list. Dream on or parish!
  3. If all else fails than I guess get a job. Better to be working than out spending money you don’t have. Just remember you could be working on your dreams, goals and aspirations or get a job and work on somebody else’s dreams, goals and aspirations.

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