When water saves money

  1. I had a couple of triggers that would cause me to buy pop. Actually a good three now that I think about it. I would go to my day care program and buy three cans of pop.  It was only 60 cents a pop but that was still $1.80 times the four times a day I would go. It really added up. So, I got me a water bottle and donated my mom’s ice cube trays to the freezer there so I can have ice with my water which makes the water tastes even better. I also brown bag lunch and bring my own snacks.
  2. On my days off I would go to McDonald’s after going to the library. When I needed to fill my tank with gas, I would get an ice Mountain Dew. Now I bring water with me when I am driving in my car. I use the same water bottle that I use at the day care center and fill it with ice from home.
  3. I try not to order pop or anything else than water to drink with my meals when eating out. Pop can run to $2 to $3 so I save that when just ordering water.
  4. I try not to buy pop from Walmart or the Dollar General even though it is cheaper it is still spending money I could be spending on other things. I try to stick with the basics and buy things that aren’t junk food.

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