The benefits of brown bagging lunch to save money

  1. Buying lunch at the Café can be just as expensive, if not more expensive than just eating out. You don’t really get as much, it’s cheaper brown bagging lunch and you know what you are getting when brown bagging lunch. Even using a cloth bag of lunch with insulation can return its money after a few years. Washing the plastic containers used to store food make them last a little longer for a return on the money.
  2. A sandwich container would pay for itself instead of using Saran Wrap. There are all kinds of sandwiches out there. Just take two slices of bread and put a couple of slices of meat and/or cheese. Peanut butter and jelly is a classic but even a chicken salad or egg salad would be good too.
  3. An apple, banana or even an orange are some good fruits for side dishes. There are no limits to the imagination that could be used to brown bag lunch. Even left over from yesterday’s dinner could be used. A container to store water or other drink could be used. There are lots of different types of little drinkies that could be stored in a brown bag that are sold in the grocery store. From Yahoo chocolate drink, Hawaiian Punch to little huggies. When I brown bagged lunch in school, Mom would let me have a little money to buy a small carton of milk. Special days they had chocolate milk. By the time I got into High School, they had chocolate milk everyday.

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