Events and ideas to spend less money

  1. Library, museums and student events come to mind for free or cheap ways of doing things to save money. Board games, card games, family and friends sports would also help to save money. Going on a spending fast where you don’t spend money except on necessities. This will help you distinguish between needs and wants. To avoid impulse buying use the 30 second, 30 minute and even the 30 day to 30 month rule depending on how big the purchase. Do you really need it, where is it going to go and how about do I have a substitute for this? Think before spending.
  2. Camping, fishing, hunting and gardening don’t cost much. They can but you don’t have to let it. Bicycling across the United States, and taking the tent to stay the night at low cost campgrounds. Couch surfing at friends and relatives going to visit anyway.
  3. Volunteer for a good cause to get free meals and/or a free show.
  4. When shopping with friends see how long you can go without spending money or even see how cheap or cheaper can be than the other. Just because you are at a store doesn’t mean you have to buy something. You can just look around and enjoy friend’s company.
  5. Festivals have a lot of free music, arts and crafts fairs and other attractions. They happen every year so be on the lookout for them. Know what your town or city is known, whether it be grapes, blue berries or even jazz.

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